make amends

make amends
COMPENSATE, recompense, indemnify, make it up to; atone for, make up for, make good, expiate.

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make amends
1. To supply a loss
2. To compensate (for)
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Main Entry:amend
make amends
To render compensation or satisfaction
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Main Entry:make

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make amends phrase
to try to make a situation better after you have done something wrong

I wish I could make amends somehow.

Thesaurus: to reduce, or to remove the bad effects of somethingsynonym to say or show that you are sorrysynonym
Main entry: amends

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do something in order to make up for a wrong inflicted on someone

try to make amends for the rude way you spoke to Lucy

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make amends
: to do something to correct a mistake that you have made or a bad situation that you have caused

She tried to make amends by apologizing to him.

I'd like to make amends (to you) for my behavior last night.

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Main Entry:amends

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